Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lust and Money

I see you as you walk around the room choosing the perfect seat. I laugh to myself at the way you look at me, knowing these panties cover more of my ass that my bathing suit does. The glittery star shaped pasties covering my nipples gives much away, but I know you look at them and wonder if my nipples are pink or tan, small or the size of a half dollar, flat or pointy. Men obsession over my tits, I am used to it. You are getting comfortable in your seat at the far side of the stage. I find that the men who walk all the way around so their back is not to the door are usually involved, deep, and almost always hiding something even if it's not necessary.

I grab the pole stretch my body, raise my leg let myself fall forward swinging around and landing on my knees with my legs spread apart. Just enough time for you to pull out your cash. I crawl towards you using every seductive move and trick that I have. You slip me cash and I know I have power over you. You can't even touch me and yet you give me your money, all I have to do is shake my tits, wiggle my ass and make you think I want you. I have the power over you.

You sit there where a stack of dollar bills and in this club full of people I don't know I have stripped down to the legal limit of nudity, I dance for you, crawl to you at your will and because that's what you pay me for. Yes you have power over me to make me do what you want me to do.

Part 2

Dancing wears me out, my strong beautiful body has bruises from it. I want to lure you in with my mind and not just my body. Phone sex, I tell you my dirty secrets, I tell you how I like to kiss and suck and worship your cock. I beg to cum while you are laying in your bed stroking your rock hard cock. I do this, I say these dirty nasty things into the phone while I touch myself, while I fuck myself with a dildo and again all for dollars. Yes another exchange of power to feed my insatiable desire for lust and money.